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Woman gets ultimate revenge after husband calls her

Jen Mellor, says her estranged husband use to make her feel so ashamed of her. “The more he put me down, the more I turned to food for comfort.”

From an early age, Jen struggled with her size and after the birth of her son  she turned to food to cope with the stress of being a single mum and full time carer for her autistic son.

Two years later she had ballooned.

Then in 2006, Jen thought she had met the man of her dreams, Andy Mellor, through an internet chatroom and they were married in 2011.

Initially, Andy did not care about her but as time went on his comments became more hurtful and abusive.

“Night after night, Andy would tell me to sleep on the sofa so that he had more room in bed.”

In January 2014, determined to improve her self-confidence, Jen joined her local gym but even after losing she said her husband continued to be critical. “I remember him saying, ‘You can’t even notice any loss – have you lost it from your ankles.”

“When I told him how he made me feel, he said ‘It’s all in your head.’ That’s when I told him it was over. I’d had enough,” she said.

Now, Jen flaunts her figure in slinky dresses and colourful blouses and enjoys time with her boyfriend Stuart Eggleshaw and son Ben.

“Stuart makes me feel like a million dollars, and he’s supported me every step of my  journey,” she added. ”He lost more himself, so I know that he understood my struggle.”

Happier with her new life, Jen revealled that she still gets a shock when she looks in the mirror “I can’t believe it’s me”.


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