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How I Lost & Got Pack Abs (Eating Junk Food)

Everyone on this planet has completely separate DNA, making us all 100% unique. However, when it comes to – God programmed us all the same way.

When a person enters a calorie deficit, always follows.

What is a deficit?

We all burn a set amount of each day. So, if a person burns  a day and they consume; they’ll enter a deficit of 500 and lose.

If that same person consumes calories, they’ll gain. And should they eat calories they’ll maintain their.

Can You Eat Junk Foods?

The answer is yes and this concept is known as IIFYM (if it fits your macros) or flexible.

A professor named Mark Haub put this junk food theory to the test after living on Twinkies, Doritos, donuts, among other sinful treats.

Despite eating these delicacies, he consistently ate in a deficit of calories.

His results: he lost and reduced his body percentage by 8%.

This proves that you DON’T have to eat healthy to lose.

It’s a myth.

Although you don’t NEED to eat healthy to lose, it’s always recommended that a large portion of your does come from healthy, unrefined foods.

Otherwise you may end up losing  and looking amazing on the outside, but actually become unhealthy on the inside.

Interestingly though, Mark Haub’s LDL levels (bad cholesterol) dropped by 20% and his triglycerides molecules in the blood) also reduced by 39% (1). So there is evidence to suggest that losing from eating junk food can actually improve your health to some degree.

During this transformation I was eating junk foods on a daily basis. if I wanted pizza, cookies or some ice cream – I’d eat it.

Like Haub, the key element throughout this ‘junk food was making sure I hit the correct amount of calories to eat in a deficit.

Every day.

Without fail.

(Note: I don’t recommend this type of as it isn’t a healthy way to lose. It was an experiment and only done short term).

Eating healthy foods to lose CAN work but it doesn’t guarantee.

For example, eating healthy unrefined foods will fill you up for longer as they’ll prevent your blood sugar levels from crashing. When your blood sugar levels are low it encourage cravings and binge eating, as your body wants to spike your sugar levels back to normal again.

Until they are regulated you are left hungry and irritable.

By stabilizing your sugar levels by eating healthy sources of carbohydrates; this can indirectly cause you to eat less calories, as you’ll feel more full/satisfied.

People Can Get Eating Healthy Foods

On the flip side, there are some people who eat 100% clean and healthy but never lose any because they’re simply consuming too many calories.

In terms of loss It’s irrelevant if these are ‘healthy calories’. if your portions are too big, you will not lose . Simples.

And yes, it is possible to become obese from eating salad.

…You’ll just have to eat a whole field of it.

Cardio is Optional

The same principle applies to cardio. You can do 30 minutes of running which may burn 500 calories, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll burn. Because you can go home afterwards and overeat, counteracting the calories burned during the run.

However, doing cardio to burn calories can help you lose  indirectly, as it increases the chances of you entering a calorie deficit.

So whether you do cardio or not is up to you and is a personal preference, but it’s not essential when trying to lose

What I usually do is a brisk walk for 60 minutes (when I’ve been  for a few months) which burns approximately 400 calories. I do this near the end of my cutting phase, because after you lose a significant amount of  your metabolism will slow down and you’ll find it increasingly difficult to lose . Otherwise known as a plateau.

Walking allows me to spike my metabolism; and because it’s low-intensity it’s easy to stay consistent, performing it on a daily basis.

…As opposed to doing a hard 30 minute run every morning year-round, which 90% of people won’t have the level of commitment to do.

Excluding the month of January, where any exercise intensity is possible for the whole month.



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