The Rise of justin Bieber currency


On todays episode we are going to talking about the future of virtual currency. And why the future o fvirtual currency is actually bright. Now how does this tie into “Justin Bieber Currency”, and is Justin Bieber currency even a real thing. Well keep on reading to learn more and you will understand.

In the beginning of the virtual currency game people expected to only see maybe 5,or just a couple different currencies that would take over the market a remain dominant, or that these currencies would have to brawl for the top spot. But overall nobody expected the number that we have today. There is an increasing amount  each day going to the thousands and people are now comparing this surge to the thousands of languages in the world. So just like how there are thousands of languages there are going to be thousands of virtual currency and it is only going to grow more and more. Some of these virtual currency will have more popularity than others and more value than others, but in the end every virtual currency will have some sort of value to the person holding it. This can be compared to 5 year olds. In kindergarten and when we were young we would create our virtual currency, exchanging Legos, or gum, candy on Halloween. There will be thousands of virtual currency all different and unique in their own ways with different interests and function.

Now imagine…

What if there was a Justin Bieber currency. AS terrible as that sounds it’s possible, and we shouldn’t be surprised if we see these types of currencies in the future. Virtual currency for different celebrities and different fan bases, groups. It may not have the same motives or interests as virtual currency but it will indeed be valuable to someone. Justin Bieber fans. And all of his followers would have a bag of Justin Bieber curreny. Its like this can already have more value than 15 currencies in the world, easily.. In essence we are altering the way we are seeing it and there will be thousands of currencies in the future.



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