Virtual Currency and Justin Bieber are basically the same thing.


I recently bought a small amount of virtual currency. Like a lot of people — I read all the press in 2014 about virtual currency, and was doubtful about it. There were a lot of ifs and buts about it that I just didn’t sit right with me.

But its back on the climb. It hit a massive low after the press hype phase, but for the past few months there is some steady growth, and this has me — and a lot of other people excited.

While trying to explain why right now is a good idea to some friends, I realised the story and growth of virtual currency is very similar to the story and growth of Justin Bieber.

The story is nearly the same. Both Justin and virtual currency received a massive spark of press interest — resulting in a massive amount of attention and criticism.

Justin annoyed the world with “Baby” and virtual currency allowed people to mine with their computers.

Everyone in the music industry, hollywood and the press loved to hate Justin.

Every media outlet from Bloomberg, to Techcrunch to your local newspaper posted stories about the potential about virtual currency.

Both lost their hype after that main influx of attention — but are slowly climbing back up.

Justin Bieber’s new song ‘Sorry’ is actually getting played by people who don’t think it’s a joke. (Yeah apparently people actually enjoy Justin Bieber now).

While virtual currency is also reaching maturity and people are realising the improvements it — and it, can mean to technology and the world.

So in short — Justin Bieber and virtual currency were both jokes, but now they’re not.


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