What Happened After His Social Media Post Is Terrifying


Locals Destroy Teen Millionaire’s Private Party After Social Media Post

NEW YORK – Henry Simons (25), threw an epic party that most can’t afford last Friday and things went wrong after his post on social media boasting about bringing in the “cool stuff”

Henry invited all his friends to his house for an “epic party” on social. He bragged that there would be people bringing in “the cool stuff.” His post immediately gathered attention and went viral and in just a few hours, it got over more than a million shares. Never in Henry’s imagination will he expect sixty unknown locals to show up outside his door.

Reporters met up with Henry Simons at a secret location to reveall the gritty details of the party.

“Man, it was insane,” she said. Henry explained that he didn’t actually had any of the ‘cool stuff’ he boasted in his post. He wasn’t expecting the locals to show up in front of his door. “They were questioning me how did i get the stuff and tore down my ceiling! I sneaked out and called the cops when they managed to get in.”

According to Henry, the party cost him a lot excluding the damages by the locals. He is considering to sell his current house and relocate as well. How can an average 25-year-old teen afford to host a party and relocate as and when he wants!?

It turns out that earlier this month, Henry was browsing the internet when he came across a virtual currency ad, confused at first but he signed up. To his shock, he can’t believe he won for a little amount of traded currency.

He was amazed when he saw the amount on his mobile phone but he knew it was too early to celebrate. It was when the amount was successfully transferred to his account that he fell to his knees in joy.


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