You can do it! Believe in yourself!


Sometimes the hardest part of the journey to any goal is keeping motivated. Whether you’re trying to get fitter, gunning for a promotion, or on a mission to finally stop using your floor as a closet, staying on track can be tough. When the goal line is looking fuzzy in the distance, it can be super inspiring to revel in other people’s successes and be reminded that, yes, like them, you can do this.

Kassidy Linde was inspired to lose pounds after having her daughter.

New mom Kassidy Linde, 25, felt tired, unhealthy, and uncomfortable in her own skin, so she turned to a sustainable regimen. She starting seeing healthy eating as a lifelong habit, and she introduced weekly cardio workouts. Within a year and a half, she lost 130 pounds. She’s now way stronger and confident, and she has more energy to play with her daughter.


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